Celebrants or Ministers in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.

A meaningful funeral service will honour your loved ones achievements, loves, and the things that made them unique. A Celebrant or Minister (Officiant) who understands this is a key part of the whole process. Incorporating personal, special memories into a funeral is vital whether you choose a religious, non-religious or spiritual service. Remembering a loved one’s interests, family, friends, accomplishments and more combine to represent their unique life.

We take the time to understand you and your family. This way we can pair you with a suitable Clergy member or Celebrant across Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Your values and beliefs are important to us. They also form the basis of what your funeral service can become in partnership with a suitable Minister or Celebrant.

If you or your family has specific ideas of what to include in a service that is great. If not then we – or our Celebrants and Ministers – may be able to offer some suitable alternatives to capture the essence of your life. A funeral ceremony should be full of love, memories, and even humour where appropriate. These factors are integral to a meaningful farewell, and also play a pivotal role in acknowledging the sadness of your loss.

After meeting with us to arrange the finer details of your funeral wishes and regulatory paperwork, our certified Celebrant or Minister will contact you to discuss their particular role in the service. Most of the time they will come out to meet with you as well if you would like that – otherwise you might be more comfortable to discuss the details on the telephone.

After meeting with you, the Officiant will compose a Service that reflects the unique life being celebrated. In delivering the presentation on the day of the ceremony, the Officiant may discuss with you certain tributes as a way to further personalise the occasion. These may include:

  • Readings of favourite passages from the Bible.
  • Readings of poetry or other suitable verses.
  • Meaningful songs which may be played.
  • Personal messages / tributes from family and friends.

The Service of your choosing may be Religious or not, and it may involve burial or cremation. Whatever the case may be, the chance to celebrate your loved one’s unique existence has been valuable to families and Communities for Millennia. Choosing to forego the experience of a funeral can rob you of the chance to move forward into your new reality after the loss of someone special to you. Meeting, remembering, and sharing with family and friends can be very cathartic. We don’t have Celebrants ‘on our staff”. We prefer to pair you with a professional Celebrant or Minister who will give you further guidance through the process, and make the farewell of your loved one special.

Celebrants or Ministers, it’s your choice. Religious service or Civil service, there are many decisions to be made and with the help our our staff at Crane Funerals, we can help to guide you every step of the way.

celebrants or ministers in Melbourne