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What is the difference between coffins and caskets?

The difference is simply one of design. Coffins and caskets are different in shape. Coffins are what most people are probably used to in the old vampire movies. They are tapered at the foot and head end, and are wider at the shoulders to accommodate the shape of the human body. Caskets on the other hand are rectangular in shape. Caskets are often constructed of better quality timbers or even metal, and the workmanship is more intricate and of a higher standard. A lot of people regard coffins and caskets as an important tribute to their loved one. We recommend that spending too much money on your choice however would be unwise if it leaves a legacy of financial hardship.

affordable coffins and caskets compare

Coffins Australian made – with Australian materials – by Australian workers

Our Solid wood / Custom wood coffin range is Australian made in Australia with Australian materials*. They are superb quality, proudly patriotic, and environmentally friendly as well. Our affordable caskets and coffins are made in Australia with sustainably sourced timber, keeping jobs here – and keeping the environment safer / greener than coffins imported 9000 kilometres or more from China or elsewhere overseas. Environmentally responsible procurement of wood benefits current and future generations. Our range is manufactured by Amalgamated Casket Company (ACC).

Zero Formaldehyde / Certified Material

Our customwood / particleboard coffin range is also constructed utilising zero formaldehyde (E0) wood material. E0 Coffins utilise Renewable Plantation Pine, and are Australian Forestry Standard Chain of Custody Certified. This ensures that the wood material can be traced from a certified forest to any point along the supply chain. To complete the environmental benefits of our quality, economical coffins and caskets, they are lined with an eco friendly, non food vegetable extract sheet, as opposed to a standard plastic liner.

More Affordable

One other thing you’ll notice is that while our range is made in Australia – thus being better quality and more costly than imported products – we still offer more affordable coffin and casket prices. If you qualify for our Pensioner discount, the price is even lower after a further 10% reduction.

Our commitment to you

We aim to make your lives a little easier during a trying time. We hope our efforts at assisting your family, your eye for quality, the environment – and your hip pocket – all achieve the effect we desire. We stand by our everyday value, and our commitment of excellent service to you.

Our quality Australian made, affordable coffins and caskets provide 4 important benefits:

• Superior quality of material and construction.
• A comfortable resting place for your loved one.
• Support to Australian manufacturing jobs.
• Ecological care for our precious natural Environment.

Personalise your coffin or casket selection

You may like to add your own unique flair to the coffin. You might like to consider some of the following ideas:

• Apply stickers or adornments to the casket. Kids often especially enjoy being involved in this way.
• If you are more artistic, maybe some decoupage or a splash of colour (or paint the entire coffin).
• Place a favourite blanket with your loved one, or choose a more individual fabric lining.
• Invite family and friends to sign the coffin at the ceremony.
• Purchase a professionally personalised, image covered coffin from our range.


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 * All wooden / E0 Particleboard caskets and coffins sustainably manufactured in Australia, with
Australian materials, keeping jobs here, and assisting the environment. The one exception is our ‘Yarra” coffin, which is manufactured in Australia using sustainably sourced Sapelle solid wood from Africa.
* Matthews International, in Lake Bluff, Illinois, makes the exceptional metal caskets we stock. The
quality of these metal caskets compared to imports from China is clearly evident. We believe class and
quality shouldn’t be short changed. The willow / wicker coffin range we stock is supplied to us by the
Handwoven Casket Company in N.S.W. They import these wicker coffins, as there are none made in Australia.