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Our Commitment To You / How We're Different

Our Personal Service Helps Ease Your Pain

Of the many Funeral Directors Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula has, we're one of few who back our personal service up with Guarantees. Of course, many people choose to avoid Companies that neglect to offer Guarantees. Otherwise, hidden fees and a lack of service satisfaction, can mar your whole funeral experience. Remember that you only have one chance to farewell a loved one. Our specialised family Funeral Company is always here to assist you with personal service and integrity. Additionally, we are accountable to you and your family, (not a Board, or stockholders).

We Are Family Owned And Operated

You and your family are always our number one priority. Accordingly, we strive to develop a real "connection" with all families we work with. We are an entirely Independent, Australian owned Company. Our small size enables us to focus entirely on you. We offer you unique, personal service to help you and your family cope through your bereavement. Our Director provides the same personal and caring Services to families, as his Mother and Father did during their years working in the funeral profession. Furthermore, these ideals are common to all staff you might meet at Crane Funerals.

Fair and Reasonable Price Structure

We can arrange a fitting Service to honour your loved one. In fact, from traditional Services in a Church or Cemetery Chapel, to a Celebration of Life at a winery or other special Venue, we do it all. When customising the Service, we're always upfront with our fees, and provide our trusted, personal service, and value. All of our Services - Packages or otherwise - are very flexible and customisable. Your needs and desires of what the funeral should be, are always key in arranging the finest Service.

Funeral Directors Melbourne. Funeral Packages

We have recently set up Cremation Packages, and Burial Packages. Therefore, this makes the funeral pricing structure easier to understand. The Packages include what you need for a standard funeral. As mentioned above, we can also help you tailor the Service to meet your specific needs. For example, we can arrange one of our amazing Venues, live music, DVD tributes, different choices of caskets and flowers, as well as other items to really make your (or your loved one's) Service, meet your family's specific wishes.

Pensioner Funeral Discounts

We've always been honoured to provide extra assistance to those in our Community who really need it - our Pensioners. We've provided a percentage off our Service Fees and our coffin prices for Pensioners since Day One. Of course, with our new Funeral Packages, we continue this support. To that end, there's a 10% discount off our Package Prices for Aged Pensioners, and a further 10% for our Returned Services (R.S.L Pensioners) men and women (old & young). We aim to honour our Veterans and pay back our Elders, and provide a little extra financial peace of mind where possible.

Funeral Directors Melbourne. Trusted Care

We appreciate how overwhelming all of the details of planning a special funeral can be. Of course, we help you every step of the way. Our Director has been trusted by families for 20 years now, in Regional Victoria, Melbourne, and the Mornington Peninsula. With his hand to guide every Service we hold, we know that families will continue to trust our care.

We Respect Community Diversity

No matter your Race, Faith, Nationality, or Culture, we respect your wishes for a Service to celebrate your loved one's individuality.

Additional Commitments To You:
  • You won't be rushed, or forced into making a decision against your wishes.
  • We do not prey on your grief or lack of knowledge.
  • We respect you enough to share our knowledge, and give you the benefit of options.
  • Professional Codes of Conduct are important to us. Also, we have two special guarantees.
  • We have the knowledge to help you when you don’t know where to turn.
  • We value your comfort with – and trust in – our Services.
  • Our excellent reputation is visible in the client reviews we receive as trusted Funeral Directors Melbourne.
  • We give your memory the chance to live on forever in the hearts and minds of your family & friends – the passing of a life is not “the end”.
  • Please ask us about a special / unique Service, if the “ho-hum” of tradition doesn’t meet your needs.
  • We source quality, Australian made coffins and caskets. They range from economical, up to immaculate. Unique and “green” choices available as well.
  • We aim for an easygoing approach to our arrangements, amidst the professional side of what we do. Over the years, we've found this helps families cope a little better. We are open in talking with you about your loss, and listen to the stories you want to share. This talking and sharing can be far more productive than hiding your feelings away. Of course there'll be times and places during your funeral experience when the tears will flow, and your pain will be intense. We aim to help you through with a smile, a friendly chat, and dedicated care for you and your loved one. If you feel like a hug at the funeral (and some people do), we're also there for that - all part of our Service.

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