Funeral Notices & Tributes

If you would like to place your loved one's funeral notice, and death notices online, we can do that for you. Provide a photo to the funeral consultant at the time of the funeral arrangement, and we can place that on the Tribute Page also. The actual obituary / tribute pages are hidden from normal website visitors. When we set a page up for you, we will send you a link to the direct page for your loved one. You can in turn pass this on to extended family and friends so they can have the chance to check funeral details, and leave a condolence message for you, or a tribute to your loved one.

Funeral notices flowerMost families choose to advertise in the daily newspaper/s when a death occurs and when the funeral will take place. These traditional print notices have long been a good way to inform friends and extended associates of a loved one's passing. Details of when and where the funeral will take place have also been conveniently advertised this way. Having said that, these days it can be a very good idea to complement the newspaper 'print' funeral notices with an online version also. A more contemporary way to advertise, it can be a very helpful way to keep the younger generation informed of your loved one's Service details. Many of these younger people are more likely to view funeral notices online as opposed to in print - and they should have an easy opportunity to come and leave a tribute message also if they'd like to.


Online Funeral Notices / Tributes

To that end, these tribute pages on our website are offered to allow the young - as well as the 'more experienced' - a place to come and do just that. We arrange with you the chance to place a copy of the funeral notice and death notice online here for a free as part of our service.The choice is yours whether or not to take us up on this free online resource - there is no pressure to do so. Your extended family and friends are welcome as well to leave a tribute / condolence message at any time. We have found that these touching tributes are warmly received by families who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Other family members might also like to place a death notice here and also in the Herald/Sun themselves.


Funeral Notices Example

funeral notice example