Funeral Service Options

As the well known funeral author Thomas Lynch once wrote “A good funeral service is one that gets the dead where they need to go, and the living where they need to be”. Ask a group of 5 people where the dead “need to go” and you may well end up with 5 different responses. Crane Funerals undertake to make the journey of the deceased - wherever they are headed - as easy as possible. We offer Traditional Burial and Cremation Services, unique Celebration Of Life Services, and eco / green funeral services - including the many nuances that each option entails.

As far as getting the living “where they need to be”, we take the time to listen to and assess your personal needs. In this way you have the chance to move through this difficult time in your life. We aim to guide you on a journey through loss, sadness, fond farewell, and ultimately into a stage of healing. We always endeavour to help you through at your own unique pace.

We help you share, remember, and create ceremonies to honour the life of your loved one. We strive to memorialise your loved one in a fitting way, while incorporating your family’s requests into a meaningful farewell. We help you always with respect and fairness, and treat you as fellow humans as opposed to customers or numbers.

We have occasionally seen families for one reason or another discount the value of a funeral ceremony after the death of a loved one. We hope to provide a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. We honestly feel that coming together after a loved one has died is an essential part of the grieving, and subsequent healing process. We are here to help you with whatever service style you choose.


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