Eco / Green Funerals Melbourne – No Hidden Fees

Our eco / green funerals offer you an end of life chance to make your final carbon footprint a little greener. Extending your environmentally conscious values from life through to death is indeed a noble idea. We respect your wishes and are glad to assist you with your options. All of our coffins are made in Australia (except our high quality, U.S made metal caskets, and our willow/wicker coffins) – and with either sustainably sourced plantation timbers, E0 (Formaldehyde Free) particle board, or cardboard. As such we feel that all of our Service offerings can be considered as eco / green funeral options. Our Services are outlined more on our cremation services page, and our burial services page. As always we offer our Pensioner Discount Services on all of our funerals. We can provide you with a range of wicker coffins* also, or our Australian made cardboard coffins as well.

We do offer the following No Hidden Fee, Eco / Green “Funeral Package” for Cremation and Burial. The coffin included in this package really is the Environmentalists choice. It is a raw finish flat lid coffin, made from sustainable, solid, plantation grown Radiata pine. Six rope handles complete its “back to nature” appeal. The floor of the coffin is lined with a non food, vegetable extract sheet. Trimmed with unbleached calico lining, and four wooden dowels to secure the lid after a viewing. Matching timber handles are available at an extra cost if you find the rope handles too unusual. This coffin and package allows for a peaceful, meaningful funeral service, more in harmony with nature. We are able to switch coffins for you of course, so if you have another coffin in mind from our range please discuss your ideas with us.

Crane Funerals recognises the wishes of those seeking meaningful, yet eco friendly funeral services and products. Options for environmentally friendly Green Funerals include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmentally friendly cremation.
  • Natural “bushland” burials.
  • Coffins that are made in Australia with Australian materials.
  • Online funeral notices and obituaries instead of newspaper print notices.
  • Environmentally friendly / biodegradable embalming products such as the Champion Company’s “Enigma”, when needed (Yes they ARE available despite what some so called “green” advertisers will tell you). This embalming product is fully endorsed by the preeminent advocate of green funerals – the Green Burial Council – even though many people try to claim that embalming is banned from natural burial sites – that is not the case at all.
  • Coffins or shrouds made with sustainable and biodegradable products and practices.
  • Using recycled stationary in Order of Service booklets.
  • Catering utilising locally produced, and organic fare.

Melbourne green care, green funerals by Crane FuenralsThese options aim to reduce carbon emissions. The act of grieving and celebrating the life of the deceased remain the same, simply combined with green values. We suggest the plain timber “Mallee Boy” coffin in our range is one of the greenest coffins available at the present time in Australia. To this end our Natural / Green Funerals Package includes one of these coffins. This coffin is constructed in Australia with Australian materials. A raw finish, sustainably harvested solid radiata pine coffin, with an organic, non food grade vegetable liner, and six plain rope handles. The rope handles can be exchanged for six handles made out of the same radiata pine. However, if you prefer a different casket or coffin to suit your style, we can discuss with you an alternative from our range. The vast majority of our caskets and coffins (except metal ones) are environmentally friendly. Visit our caskets and Coffins page to learn more.

Crane Funerals acknowledge the poetic, “romanticised” view of green funerals, with bodies “feeding” the trees and flowers planted above. We also hope however, that people properly understand the practical facts, instead of being tricked into purely sentimental “green” images which don’t actually deliver care for the environment. Natural burial grounds and professional Funeral Directors have a duty to educate the public, and to stop pushing sentimentality at the expense of ethical factors. You might like to keep an eye on Our Blog for upcoming information about funeral related issues, including natural burial.

Sentimentality aside, the ethos of a green / eco burial or cremation involves heartfelt, practical care for your loved one. This is the basis of all services Crane Funerals provide the Community. We simply wish to give you some facts to allow you to investigate further so that you don’t succumb to superficially “green” advertising. Ideally you should research and then come up with a plan for your own “natural / eco / green funeral care. We are glad to help you make it a reality.

There are a number of Funeral Companies who advertise green funerals. They say for ‘green funerals’ you should use locally sourced products and services (such as caterers and other service providers). One place where these same Companies then fall down is in the cheap Chinese coffins they provide you. If you see a Company advertising green funerals or environmentally friendly coffins, look for confirmation about where their coffins are sourced. If you are unable to find that information on their website or literature, then chances are good that they are selling you coffins imported from China or some other overseas destination.

If you would like to discuss eco / green funerals (burial or cremation) further with us, use our Contact form,

or call 5977 7198 or 04477CRANE.


Professional Green Funerals – Burial or Cremation Packages:

~ Crematorium Chapel Service followed by Cremation: $5550 Including GST
~ Alternative Venue Service followed by Cremation: $5750 Including GST.
~ For Eco / GreenBurial Packages, we will subtract the Cremation Fee & Cremation Authorisation Certificate, and insert the Burial / Cemetery Fees in their place.
~ Pensioner Green / Eco Funeral Services (As above less 10%) ie. $4995 or $5200 Including GST.

  • Package Includes:24 hour 7 day a week personal, “human service.”
  • Cremation Fee / Crematorium Chapel Hire.
  • Green / Eco “Mallee Boy” coffin. RRP $1700 – $2400
  • Cremation Authorisation Certificate.
  • Certified Death Certificate from BDM.
  • Transfer of your loved one into our care during business hours (9 – 5 Monday – Friday).
  • Private funeral arrangement with funeral consultant in the comfort of your own home.
  • All administration & professional services (filing paperwork & adhering to Regulations).
  • Liaising with venues, caterers, florists and all accompanying service providers.
  • Personal and professional preparation of your loved one / mortuary care by our fully qualified mortician.
  • Transporting your loved one to the funeral venue on the day of funeral.
  • You can follow the hearse and your loved one to the Venue on the day if desired.
  • We can return your loved ones cremated remains to you personally on request.
  • Funeral Notice and Obituary on our website.
  • Registration of death with Births, Deaths, and Marriages (BDM).
  • Attending to all relevant documentation.
  • Arrangement of donation envelopes for day of Service, which we then pass on to family.
  • Advice / support following the funeral.

Personalisation / Additional Fees:

  • For Alternative Venue Service, price of Venue Hire will be charged at cost.
  • Clergy / Minister $350 – $450
  • Civil (non-religious) Celebrant $600 – $800.
  • After hours transfer of your loved one $330.
  • Order Of Service / Booklets (Standard) on Recycled stationary $4 – $5 each.
  • Personalised DVD tribute (35 – 40 photos) $275.
  • If Venue does not have AV equipment to play tribute, we can hire it at an additional fee.
  • Recycled paper memorial book for funeral attendees to sign $110.
  • Viewing on day of Service, prepared by our fully qualified mortician/embalmer (utilising Green Burial Council approved products where necessary) $350.
  • Newspaper Funeral Notice and Obituaries. At Cost.
  • Catering. At cost depending on menu selected and numbers of guests.
  • Funeral mourning car / Limousine. At Cost.
  • Oversize coffin – extra cost depending on which coffin.



Footnote: Currently there are no wicker coffins manufactured in Australia. As such we feel that 
Australian made coffins made with sustainable timbers, or E0 (formaldehyde free) particle board 
err on the side of being more eco/green.
This is due to the fact that the imported coffins are shipped such long distances adding to carbon 
emissions (as well as loss of Australian manufacturing jobs). 
Having said that, we are here to help you with whatever coffin and funeral service suits you, 
and that is always our primary concern. We help you create YOUR eco / green farewell.