If A Death Has Occurred

What should I do first?

Who can help?

At any time after a death has occurred, call Crane Funerals for assistance. Since most deaths occur while our loved ones are in health care (hospitals, nursing homes etc), the trained staff at said facilities will be able to assist you with preliminary information. If your loved one passes away at home however, the first step is to notify the doctor or attending registered nurse to arrange a verification of death.

Legally Funeral Directors are not to transfer your loved one without this verification so it is obviously very important. We want to ensure your loved one is cared for in a dignified, professional, and legal manner, so the applicable regulations are important to us. In the case of unexpected or suspicious circumstances you may need to contact the police. Where a doctor is not prepared to fill out a certificate the Coroners Court will become involved, in which case they will organise their own transfer technicians to come and collect your loved one and care for them. At a later date when they have finished their investigations, Crane Funerals can take over caring for your loved one.

These are by no means the only details to be attended to after a death. At any time during the process, contact Crane Funerals for assistance. We are aware that every situation is unique and requires special attention. If a death has occurred and you require assistance, we are glad to help you in any way we can.

Crane Funerals staff members are people / customer oriented. We help you tailor individual funeral arrangements in line with your family’s wishes. From traditional / classic funeral services, to more contemporary and personalised tributes, we would be honoured to arrange a farewell for your loved one.

To discuss your needs, call us today on 5977 7198 or 04477CRANE.