Mortuary Procedures at Crane Funerals

Our staff take their mortuary jobs very seriously, and follow mortuary procedures to the letter. This aspect of funeral service is too important to leave to just anyone. Your loved ones are treated with dignity and respect from the moment they enter our modern and professional mortuary facilities. Your loved one remains in our care until the day of the Service, as we have fully qualified staff to do all the preparations in-house. Our mortuary procedures see all deceased treated with the same care and customer service as we expect to receive while alive. To that end Crane Funerals always ensures that a personal identification band is placed on your loved one at the moment they first come into our care.

When arriving at our mortuary facility, your loved one is also recorded into our tracking system and their personal identification band remains with them all the way through to their final burial or cremation. Our tracking system includes the date and time of arrival at our facility, and the name of the technicians involved in the transfer, as well as any pertinent medical or family information that our mortuary staff need to know. Personal belongings are cataloged and kept securely prior to their return to the family, or final disposition.

Families are always offered the chance to see their loved ones and say goodbye – you can always be sure that your loved one is cared for and comfortable with Crane Funerals. We ensure that our fully qualified embalmer is present to prepare your loved one. We see this as a sign of respect and professional care. Whether your loved one is to be embalmed or not, having them cared for by a properly trained professional is the best way to ensure they are looked after correctly.

You are able to choose the exact level of care that your loved one receives. All of our professional mortuary work is performed in accordance with State Health Regulations. Full embalming with preservative chemicals is only required for a Repatriation overseas, or often for burial in a Mausoleum. Full embalming satisfies all health Regulations and requirements when they need to be followed. It also allows the deceased’s family to view them even months after the death if circumstances require this.

With the advent of modern green / eco friendly embalming products, the face of embalming has changed over the last 5-10 years. These embalming products are endorsed by the Green Burial Council. The Green Burial Council has very strict and modern guidelines, so please don’t let outdated and untrue fear mongering about “toxic chemicals” make you shun embalming. Modern ‘eco’ chemicals are very safe for the embalmer, and certified for use in natural burial grounds. Allow yourself to be educated with the facts as opposed to nonstop, false advertising.

Most people would be surprised at how minimally invasive the actual embalming process is. Those who don’t understand – or can’t perform – the process, like to make out it is very invasive. In our mortuary, when performed by our qualified and skilled practitioner, we usually only need to make one incision, one to two inches long*. One other instrument is used that enters the body, creating an opening smaller than a 5¢ piece in circumference.

One way or the other – embalming or not at your request – your loved one will always look as good as possible when our diligent mortuary staff wash, dress, and present them in their casket. Not only are our staff qualified, but they have a great deal of experience, and they will ensure that your loved one is well treated, and look natural and comfortable.

If you have any further questions regarding our mortuary procedures or embalming, you can reach us via our contact form, or by calling 5977 7198 or 04477CRANE.





 * This can vary from case to case. In a full repatriation embalm for example, 2-6 small incisions may need to be made to ensure complete preservation of the deceased in line with health and sanitary Regulations.