Crane Funeral Services

Incorporating the Crane into our name / logo was the first step toward our holistic approach to our funeral services. The Crane has for centuries been fabled as delivering new born babies. The Crane is also fabled in many cultures as a connection between Heaven and Earth. In ancient times Cranes were said to come down to the soul of the deceased and lovingly take them on their back all the way to Western Paradise / Heaven.

The circular shape of our logo is indicative of this “Circle of life” that we all journey on.

Birth and Death – Beginning and End – Infinite.

As a link to our Independent Australian owned heritage the gum leaves also represent the “eco” friendly aspects of modern funerals. Crane Funerals aims to help educate people in regards to green funeral options and modern alternatives.

We plan to embrace the memory of you in a unique Celebration Of Life Ceremony. On the way we hope to make our profession a little more transparent and approachable.

crane funeral services logo