Pre Planning Funerals

Pre planning your or your loved one’s Celebration Of Life / Funeral Service

With Crane Funerals you can arrange an “inflation proof” prepaid funeral, or a “no money down” prearranged funeral, depending on your circumstances. Many families are pre planning funerals with Crane Funerals. By considering your options ahead of time with us, all of your thoughts and wishes are discussed and thoroughly documented by our professional funeral staff. When you choose to progress to actually prepaying your plans, our team will take you through the steps in cooperation with the team at Foresters Funeral Fund.

Foresters Funeral Fund (“the Fund”) is a capital guaranteed, traditional life insurance investment fund, issued and administered by the Foresters Friendly Society Limited. The Fund is a vehicle in which you can invest to provide for all your reasonable funeral expenses, and at the same time may provide social security benefits. Foresters are our prepaid funeral plan and funeral bond providers of choice.

Crane Funerals gather all necessary documentation into a special contract designed for pre planning funerals. Your contract then allows us to provide the exact funeral you have chosen for the time of need. We ensure all of the legal regulations surrounding pre paid funerals in Australia are met. We forward your prepaid funeral funds securely and promptly to the Foresters Funeral Fund who will nurture the investment until such time that it is required for your funeral. Pay at today’s rates and we ask you to then please live happily in the knowledge that your final wishes will be carried out by us with no added financial burden on your family. We do suggest informing your family that you have taken out a prepaid funeral. Discussing it and providing a copy of the contract with your funeral wishes to at least one family member is a good idea. It ensures that they are aware of the style of funeral that you prefer.


prepaid funerals or pre planning funerals

Below is our downloadable Pre Planning Funerals Document for your convenience. 

We provide this form so that you may document your funeral wishes. Details herein are also needed to meet later legal requirements with the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages. Please contact us if you require any further assistance with this form or have any further questions about pre planning funerals. Call us on 5977 7198 or 04477CRANE if you wish to discuss a pre-arranged or pre-paid funeral:

Pre Planning document


Major benefits of pre planning funerals with us:

– Your funeral, Your way

You have lived your life your way – as such it makes sense to blend your individual beliefs and ideals into your end of life arrangements also.

If you want it to happen at your funeral – subject to legalities of course – Crane Funerals will see that it happens. Our team is dedicated not just to serving families who have lost a loved one, but also to serving you while ensuring that your heartfelt wishes are carried out. Whether you want all the adornments of traditional / classic funerals, or a simple and cheap pre paid funeral plan, we can help you make it a reality.

– Easing family burden (no disputes, money worries, or second guessing)

Did we do the right thing by Mum?

Did we forget anything?

Would Dad have liked that casket?

Does anybody recall Joy’s favourite flowers?

Did we spend too much?

Added family worry is eliminated when you put your wishes in writing with Crane Funerals and Foresters Funeral Fund. Those left behind instead will be able to focus on comforting each other and ensuring that your pre planned wishes are carried out. To that end, we encourage you to “think outside the box, or outside the chapel/church if you like”. What we mean is that you may well feel more at home with a Celebration Of Life / Funeral Service in your own living room, garden, or even your shed if that was where you felt most at home. Don’t let old fashioned funeral thinking limit your imagination regarding venues – it will be just as much your day as everybody else’s after all! Further to this point, how many of you have considered a Celebration Of Life while you are still alive to share it with your family and friends? It may not be for everybody but worth considering. Call us to discuss whatever you may be contemplating.

Purchased now at today’s prices, Crane Funerals prepaid funeral costs are guaranteed no matter when your family needs them or how much funeral expenses rise. Once you set up your inflation proof prepaid funeral plan with Crane Funerals and Foresters Funeral Fund, our professional, quality service team will be there when it comes time to carry out your final wishes.

If you are ready to secure the type of Funeral Service you want for yourself, ease the burden on your family at a difficult time, and receive multiple Pension benefits, call us now on 5977 7198 or 04477CRANE.