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At Crane Funeral Services, we strive to deliver an excellent level of customer service. One aspect of this of course is the extent to which we protect our client’s privacy. We are bound by our own personal duty of care to you, and also by official regulations. The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Amendment 2000) sets out governing principles regarding the protection of you personal information. Professional Funeral Directors are required to have a Privacy Policy in place and available for clients to read.

In keeping with the Privacy Act, we are bound to communicate with you certain information.

This Privacy Act sets out:

  • What information we can collect from our client families
  • How we may collect that information
  • The purposes for which said information is used, and;
  • Details on your rights to access your personal information from Crane Funerals.

Your personal information:

In the process of providing clients with information and services (funeral and otherwise), it may be necessary for Crane Funeral Services to request and record personal information in relation to the deceased person and related parties.

Such information may include, but is not limited to: names, dates of birth, current and previous addresses, occupations, employer details, telephone numbers (landline and mobile), credit card or bank account details, and email addresses of our client families.

There is no actual obligation for you to provide and information we request. Having said that, if you choose to withhold information, we may not be able to provide the funeral related services that depend upon us knowing this information.

How we collect personal information:

To provide information and services to you Crane Funerals may collect personal information in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Gathering details on your initial contact with our Company when enquiring about funerals or related services we may provide.
  • Details we make note of at the funeral arrangement meeting with you and your family
  • From hospitals, doctors, cemeteries etc, when such information is required to provide the funeral or related service that you request of us.
  • Details we collect when arranging pre need funeral services.
  • From details you provide on our website. This information will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it online.

How we use your personal information:

Personal information that you provide may be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide information you request, and to carry out any subsequent services.
  • For billing and debt recovery purposes
  • For internal statistical analysis of our funeral services
  • To inform clients of any initiatives or post funeral related services we make available to them.

You have the right to advise Crane Funerals that you do not want us to send material to you other than for the main function that we collected your personal details.

Access to your personal information:

Upon request, we will provide you with any of your personal information that we have on file.

If you need access to your personal information, please contact our Director (Damian Meehan) on 03 5977 7198, or

Additional information:

The Federal Privacy Minister has more information at hand about the Privacy Law and the National Privacy Principles that govern what is set out above. Details available at


Complaints Procedure

As dictated by the Funeral Act 2006 (Victoria), all Funeral Directors must outline a complaints handling procedure. Crane Funerals outline our complaints handling procedure as follows.

We do hope that any concerns you have will be addressed by our staff member arranging the funeral with you, prior to the day of the service. In the event that this does not occur then please proceed as follows.

If you are concerned regarding the level of service / care we have provided, please convey your concerns to our Director:

By telephone:

By phoning 03 5977 7198 or 0447 727 263 during business hours.

In person:

By appointment at a mutually convenient time and venue.

In writing:

In a letter or email. To ensure a prompt reply, please include all of your contact details.

Please ensure your complaint is specific. Also the complaint must be made by the person who ordered the funeral service and who signed the authority for Crane Funeral Services to undertake the arrangements as detailed therein.

Your issue will be acknowledged via telephone call. We may need some time to investigate the situation. The time needed will depend on the nature, seriousness and/or urgency of your complaint. We will communicate with you during the investigation to clarify aspects of the complaint.

We will respond to the complaint as soon as possible, normally in writing - although sometimes a verbal response may be more appropriate. When we reach a mutually satisfactory understanding, we will act to alleviate your concerns.

If for some reason we are unable to reach a resolution, you may refer your complaint to Consumer Affairs or the like, for consideration.

Damian Meehan
Crane Funeral Services
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