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I think you'll agree with me when I say that you (and your loved one), deserve the best personal service, during your time of need.
Well, it turns out, you can find that personal service with Crane Funerals. And you can call them now to speak to their friendly staff, who look after your every funeral need. They take care of your loved one, and organise everything that is required. They help you arrange a beautiful funeral, or life celebration service, at your choice of Venue across Melbourne, and the Mornington Peninsula.

The entire funeral experience should whisper "we'll take care of you". Funerals are about people coming together to pay tribute to a loved one. They're about celebrating a unique life, while honouring Cultural, Religious, and family traditions. They're about catching up, sharing stories, and saying a heartfelt farewell (personally and collectively). Most of all, funerals are about you, and your family. We're committed to providing uplifting funeral experiences, because we care. Our Funerals are fully customisable. Our specialised family funeral company provides you with one-on-one personalised funeral experiences. Caring, Tailored Services. Trusted Melbourne Funeral Directors.

If you'd like more information about our Services please send us a message, or for immediate care, call us on (03)5977 7198 or 0447 727 263.

If Death has Occurred

Crane Funerals affordable funerals logo

What should you do first?
We're here to help.
At any time,
call Crane Funerals...
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Our Commitment to You

funeral directors melbourne, need help

When you need help most,
you deserve the best
personal service and
care. Our specialised...

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Funeral "Packages"

funeral packages, melbourne funeral directorsCremation Packages
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Burial Packages
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Celebrating Lives

life celebration services melbourneA funeral is so much
more than a way to
say goodbye. Celebrate
the life of someone...
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More Customer Reviews

"Damian provided a prompt,
professional & personal..
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Pre Planning funeralspre planning funerals, melbourne funeralsAffordable Funerals. 
"Inflation Proof"
prepaid funerals, or
"No Money Down"...
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Caskets / Coffins

coffins and caskets

Australian made coffins.
Beautiful Flowers.
Stylish Urns.
Cremation Jewellery...
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Our Guarantees

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Green / Eco Funerals

green footprints funeral companies melbourneOur eco / green funerals
let you make your
final carbon footprint
a little greener...

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Pensioner Funerals

couple sourcing melbourne pensioners funerals discounts

To honour our Veterans,
(old or young).
Funeral discounts &
respect for those...

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Professional Melbourne Funeral Directors

"Damian has a knack with being able to help people in their time of need with skills far beyond the basic funeral care. You are sure of getting a professional, caring, affordable funeral should you employ the services of Damian and 
his Company."
~ Steven Bell, Director of AAA Plaques in Melbourne.

Story Of The Crane / Circle Of Life

A renowned symbol of purity, loyalty, vigilence and longevity, the crane is considered by many cultures as a link between heaven and earth. The pure white crane of ancient legend was responsible for transporting souls of the recently deceased to "Western Paradise", or Heaven as we know it. In another tale from Western folklore, children have for centuries been told that they are brought to earth by the crane/stork. This "Circle of Life" ideal, coupled with our commitment to emulate the cranes amazing customer service, led to the birth of Crane Funeral Services, and the story of our logo. Melbourne Funeral Directors - affordable funerals with Pensioner Funeral Discounts for you and your loved ones.

If you'd like more assistance, call us on (03) 5977 7198, or call or text 04477CRANE